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90cm x 100cm, oil on canvas

Collection of Tan family, Singapore
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"I have breast cancer, and recently it has reached its terminal stage. The cancer has now spread to my lungs and bones..."

You've probably remembered hearing this lady utter these lines this on the NKF Cancer Fund ad on TV. You've probably also read about the lady who prepared her own funeral and last arrangements before she takes on her final journey in life.

But Florence Heng is far from any cancer sufferer that we may have met before. She's not only a fighter but an angel, touching lives of many other cancer sufferers who bear the pain silently and alone.

Florence loved sunflowers and butterflies, as she feels they bring hope to everyone. Even though she is gone, she continues to bring hope by reaching out to other cancer sufferers through her spirit, and her lifetime of research compiled in a self-help book written by herself.

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